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Instruction to Users


Help to maintain a quiet atmosphere for study. Users shall not engage in conversation in any part of the Library so as to cause annoyance to any other reader


1. Books removed from the shelves for reading should be returned to its correct place. If you cannot find the right place on the shelf, kindly return the books to the counter or leave them on the reading tables after use.

2.  Smoking in the Library is strictly prohibited.

3. Tearing off pages, marking in pencil or ink on the books is a serious offence.

4. Students are not permitted to take tea or snacks etc., in the Library.

5. After reading, newspapers should be folded properly and kept in the designated place

6. Users are not allowed to take cuttings from newspapers. One can photo copy the articles that are required

7. Library users should “SWITCH OFF” their Mobile phones. Usage of cell phone is banned inside the library.

8. The Librarian reserves the right to suspend the membership of any member found misbehaving, abusing the Library staff or behaving in an indecent manner.

9. Do remember to switch off the lights and fans after use

10. Files, Folders, personal books, books already borrowed should be kept in the property counter provided at the entrance. These should not be taken in to the library.

11. The arrangement of chairs in the reading rooms should not be disturbed.

12. Fire Extinguishers are available in the library. If you noticed any fire/smoke, please report to the librarian immediately.

13. Access the e-resources regularly


Care of Library Materials


1. Library books, Reference books, Electronic Media's etc., are costly and often rare. They are for the benefit of not only the present but also for the future members of the library. Therefore, one should not write upon, damage, turn down the leaves or mark on any library material. No tracing or copying of any map or manuscript is allowed in the Library.


2. If termites/other insects spoiling the books, torn/missing pages were noticed, please report to the librarian immediately.


3. Before leaving the issue counter, members should satisfy themselves as to whether the Library material lent to them is in sound condition. If not, they should immediately bring the matter to the knowledge of the Library staff at the issue counter, otherwise they are liable to be held responsible for replacing the material or paying such compensation as fixed by the Librarian




The Library follows Open Access System. The reading materials are arranged in two classes: The General Collections and the Reference Collections. New books acquired are displayed for a week. After display these “new arrivals are put into circulation. Books are shelved according to call Numbers. When a book is requested by a user, call number and accession number must be correctly ascertained from the database available on the “Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). The stack room is provided with classification numbers for book location.  

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