Resources available @ central Library


The library has the following types of reference resources: 

  1. Dictionaries

  2. Encyclopedias

  3. Hand books

  4. Manuals

  5. Thesises and Dissertations

  6. Project Reports

  7. Maps, Atlases and

  8. CDs/DVDs

Particulars Nos
  Titles Volumes


34832 102281

(Journals & Magazines)

- 330
Audio visual Resources - 2792
Back Volumes - 3439
Theology - 158
Theses & Reports - 2356
TIFAC Core - 154
ED (MBA) - 503
Online Databases 20 Packages

32416 32416
Book Bank (Hindustan)

Newspapers 12 12





The Library follows Open Access System. The reading materials are arranged in two classes: The General Collections and the Reference Collections. New books acquired are displayed for a week. After display these “new arrivals are put into circulation. Books are shelved according to call Numbers. When a book is requested by a user, call number and accession number must be correctly ascertained from the database available on the “Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). The stack room is provided with classification numbers for book location.

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